Mario Tamponi Zurück
Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name Our Father in Heaven… Hymn to Omnipresence Our father who ART in heaven, in the glitter of light and in cosmic deserts, in black holes and galaxies with stars expanding and imploding, in the tangle of multiple space and time, in billions of years of evolution, from the big bang to life, to consciousness, to prayer. Our father who ART in the invisible core of matter, where lies the root of all variety and dimension, in the genetic code in which every life is concentrated with the equilibrium of its every function, in the plants and flowers of all seasons, in animals of all continents, oceans and depths, in the archaic of elephants, whales and crocodiles, in the eyes of cats and all felines, in the shining armour of ants, in the tricky actions of viruses and antibodies. Our father who ART in the force of hurricanes and volcanoes, in the quiet countryside populated by cicadas, in the cutting cold of the Antarctic and the burning dunes of the Sahara, in the encounter of sun and earth and of heaven and ocean, in the brain regulating perception, thoughts, feelings, the unconscious and every aspiration, in the heart as it measures with its beats the transience of all things. Our father who ART in the wonders of science and mathematics, in the music of every epoch scanning universal rhythms, in poetry, in theatrical masks, in the power of symbols and myths, in the ever changing philosophical systems, in history flowing with chimeras, in the swift sunset of life which seemed to be endless. Our father who ART in our own unique self, born in time, but destined to outlive it, powerless, minuscule, but nevertheless so great that it encompasses all existence, in the dualism of body and spirit, of microscopic and infinite, of ephemeral and eternal. Our father who ART in those pure of heart who seek thee without presuming to have ever reached thee, in the hungry-thirsty-persecuted-incarcerated, in the victims of violence and hypocrisy, in those who are depressed by the cynicism of the Cains, in the suffering of children and the aged, in the desire of laughter. Our father who ART in all our secrets, in the soul of our intentions, in our projects, specific and misleading, in the sorrow which undoes them all. Our father who ART in heaven and on earth, hallowed be thy omnipresence which in every instant keeps us in existence and gives us the desire to act and to dream. Mario Tamponi